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I had a nagging feeling for the past few months but I didn’t want to acknowledge it:  a tooth, already crowned a few years ago mind you, was infected and needed attention.  Having spent enough at dentists to buy them each a car I really didn’t want to make an appointment to check it out.  I finally sought help when my sinus filled up and the whole left side of my face started throbbing in pain as if saying, “Enough with this foolishness.  There’s infection in here and it has to go!”

Fortunately I work in a place where people are skilled at helping people with their ears, noses and throats.  I walked back from the front desk and became a patient.  Tests revealed, sure enough, that one side of my head was clear, the other was full of gunk and it was all thanks to that little tooth.  The people I work for went into action doing what they do so well and took care of me.  Dr. sprayed my nose to numb my throat and then put a little scope in there with a light at the end to look around.  I got a shot in my bum, not in my arm, because doc said the steroid might cause “fat atrophy” and leave a little dimple.  I had the thought that maybe he could give me a whole slew of those all across my bum then if it might make fat disappear!

He prescribed antibiotics and even gave me a referral to his dentist, saying I could drop his name when trying to get an appointment.  Relief was in sight, thanks to their willingness to stay after hours and help me.

That nagging little tooth told me a long time ago that there was a problem but I just pushed that thought back and kept on keeping on, hoping somehow it would just stop being infected, stop feeling weird and eventually stop hurting.  Walking down that path of denial, I ended up with an ouchy sinus infection.

It makes me think, what nagging feelings do I have about not so great habits, or not so healthy tendencies that I could address now before they cause big, painful problems?

God, help me to listen to my heart and to your voice if you tell me something in my life needs attention and transformation.

Investigate my life, O God, 
      find out everything about me; 
   Cross-examine and test me, 
      get a clear picture of what I’m about; 
   See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong— 
      then guide me on the road to eternal life.   Psalm 139:23-24  The Msg