I know God is able, but it’s still sometimes hard to completely trust.

I know He’s done amazing things for you in the past, but it’s still hard to not give in to fear and frustration especially after the last few tough years you’ve made it through.

I know I just blogged about life being easy and wondering how I was going to stay desperate for God – I wasn’t asking for trouble I promise, but I’m definitely feeling desperate for Him right now.

I see so many good things God has done for others I love and it gives me hope, but it’s still hard to watch you be confused, angry, stressed, down or restless…especially when you refuse help.  That actually makes me angry, if I’m honest.

I know you think you’ll figure it out on your own, that you’re tough and will make it through, but it’s harder than you know and you need Jesus to help.  Trust me.

I know you feel like your life sucks, but you should see all the good things and people in your life that I see.

I know you think that you need certain people or a certain someone to make you happy, but you won’t find that fulfillment and peace in a person, it only really comes from God.  Until you give in to that truth, you will be stuck in this aggravating wilderness you see all around you.

I know you think I’m annoying and a broken record, but someday when you’re a parent you’ll understand.  I kind of wish you could understand right now.

I know you think you can predict everything I’m going to say and everything I’m thinking.  The biggest thing I’m thinking is that I love you and want you to be whole.

I need to get back to what I really know and not what I feel because what I feel is anger, frustration, and anxiety.  I evidently need to spend more time with God.  I need His perfect love to flood in and push out those feelings and worries.

I know God is able.  I know He’s good.

I know He knows you better than anyone and knows the way to lead you through.   He loves you even more than I do.

I know You’re sensitive to Him and hear Him because I’ve seen that happen in the past.

I know He’s stronger than you and your stubborn will.  I know He gave you that will for a reason and can shape your heart so that every part of your character is used for good.

I need to zoom out and get perspective.  You probably should, too.  This is not the end of the world.  We need to fly up above emotions, up into the free and airy space of faith and hope, up into God’s arms that have always been there, always open and ready to give refuge.

You really don’t know how much I love you.  But I know.