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If I based my worth on people’s opinions of me I would be whipped to and fro like a ride on one of those old wooden roller coasters.  It’s not really fun and it gives me a headache.

If I based my worth on how I feel about myself any given day or moment, I’d be just as fickle and unsure, my self-image battered and held hostage to whichever emotion ruled at the time.

Am I overly emotional at times?  Yes.

A little silly?  Um, yes.

Perfectionistic and holding unrealistic standards for myself, even without the input of others?  You bet.

Prone to make mistakes even on my best days?  Of course.

Just like everyone else on the planet?  Yep.

I’m so thankful, extremely blessed and dumbfounded that when God looks at me He sees something/someone of worth.  Although His standards are the ultimate, the highest of anyone’s, He excels in giving grace.  He is the master of patience, the Expert of all experts when it comes to teaching and guiding no matter how long we take to learn or how often we fail.  He sees our hearts and not just the scruffy humanity that covers our outsides.

Psalm 139 is one of the best to read when I’m feeling down about myself.  What a truly awesome, practically unbelievable chapter of the Bible.  What beautiful poetry and breathtaking imagery.  Go read it right now.  Seriously, you should.

I am known in the most complete sense by the One who actually put my cells together, created my personality, my looks and my brain – all on purpose and all with a plan.

I am covered with His presence no matter where I go.  I can’t escape Him whether basking in the light of day or trembling in the dark.  I could sink to the deepest places of the Earth or fly to the highest, most startlingly bright and fresh piece of sky and He would be there.  He’s everywhere, all the time.  And He actually wants to be with me.

What a comfort!  What love!  He knows my heart and loves me anyway.  He is always with me.  He searches my heart and helps me find the right way, to learn from my mistakes, to be redeemed and move on.

All the more reason to thank Him over and over and over and love Him with all I am.

Without Him I am nothing.  But I don’t have to live without Him.

Neither do you.  Do you have Him in your life?

Did you know He’s not far off in some cold palace or on some marble throne, but He’s right by your side, available and always wanting to be near you?

Are you aware of the immense, priceless value He sees when He looks at you?

Have you received His gift of love, the sacrifice made to have you, that He always holds out to you in His open scarred hands, ready for the taking?

He thinks you’re worth it.

  You have looked deep

   into my heart, LORD,

   and you know all about me.

    You know when I am resting

   or when I am working,

   and from heaven

   you discover my thoughts.

    You notice everything I do

   and everywhere I go.

    Before I even speak a word,

   you know what I will say,

    and with your powerful arm

   you protect me

   from every side.

   I can’t understand all of this!

   Such wonderful knowledge

   is far above me.  Psalm 139:1-6  CEV