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Look at him, that little – I mean BIG chubber over there, just laying on the floor.  What a rough life.  We’ve always been “dog people” until a few years ago when Rocky decided we belonged to him.  We heard meowing outside and pawing on our front door.  When we opened the door, he just strolled in as if he’d lived with us for years.  We sent him back out but day after day he hung around, came out of the bush by the front porch to be petted and charm us with his cuteness until we finally gave in and let him come inside for good.

Our doggy went to doggy heaven last fall so now we are “cat people.”  I never thought that would happen.  I have to admit I was a little prejudiced before, thinking cats were not as good as dogs, but I’ve grown quite attached to our two furry felines.

They are quite relaxed most of the time, lazy in fact.  They stretch out in the sunny patches of carpet and sleep as if they hadn’t a care in the world.  They are independent but good companions at the same time.  I often turn to find them laying in whichever room I am in, having snuck in unnoticed with their soft padded feet.

Rocky, a gray and black tabby cat, is fond of food and sleep.  He may sit on your lap or he may not.  He seldom looks at me making eye contact, but is such a good snuggled when he so chooses.  We like to call him “John’s furry son” because he is so often sitting on John’s lap in the recliner and dozing or sidled up near him in a nap.  I guess the boys have to stick together.

The littler one with the long fluffy gray and white hair, Esmae, talks to me sometimes.  Quite fitting since she’s a fellow female.  She has the uncanny habit of looking straight into your eyes and holding that gaze for a really long time.  Whenever she walks up to me she is usually looking directly and intently at me.  It makes me wonder what she’s thinking.  She is attentive, aware of everything.  In fact she’s a little jumpy and if you walk up on her too quickly, she’ll flit off in a scurry, her little soft feet slipping on the wood floors as she tries to run away.  She once jumped up onto the couch and saw a hot pad laying there that she evidently did not expect to be there (from the laundry basket) and sprung straight up in the air with her back arched in fear, causing the rest of us to crack up.

It is so therapeutic to pet their soft fur.  They are so soft and serene.  I believe one reason God made soft animals is simply so we could pet them.  That is one of their most important purposes, I think:  to give and receive love.  If they want affection, they will jump up onto our laps and get into our faces, saying in their cat body language “pet me and give me lots of love right now, oh my human.”  And we do.  We walk in the door and smile when we see them sitting there waiting for us.

I still want to get a dog someday, I love dogs so much.  For now, however, I have to admit I love living with our little wonder cats.