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I work in an Ear, Nose & Throat practice which also houses an audiology department, which specializes in helping people hear better.  There is an awful lot of “What did you say??” and “Say that again, please” and “You have to speak up, I can’t hear you” going on every day.  To top that off, I also have radar ears – ears that strain to hear what’s going on around me so I don’t miss anything.  I guess this could also be categorized as nosiness, but I prefer to call it being aware.  Right?

This can cause problems for me because if the person in front of me, the patient, is telling me something and my ears are also listening to the conversation behind me so I know what’s going on with my co-workers, I invariably have to ask the patient to repeat themselves because I lose focus.  I’m not so great at multi-task listening.  There are times, too, when several of us at the front desk are dealing with several hard of hearing people and the noise level grows so that it’s tricky to hear what we need to hear from the patient we’re trying to help.

I need to just keep my ears “turned” toward the person who’s most important in that moment, the patient, and listen intently just to their voice.

I just read from John 10:27 this morning in which Jesus said His sheep know his voice and He knows them.  They hear his voice and follow Him.

Sometimes it’s so hard to hear Jesus’ voice and keep because I’m caught up in the noises around me, in “being aware” of other conversations, or getting distracted by louder voices.  I lose focus and miss out on what’s most important.

It struck me that Jesus not only said we know His voice, but He knows his sheep.  He knows us.  He knows me!  What an awesome truth.  The King of kings, the Shepherd of all souls, the Creator God, the Savior of every human who trusts Him knows ME.  That alone is more than enough reason to turn my little radar ears toward the source of the only really important voice, my Shepherd Jesus, and zero in on what He is saying at all times.

Jesus, help me today to stay focused on your voice.  Thanks for being patient with me when I get a little distracted.  I want to stay close to you.

“My sheep know my voice, and I know them. They follow me, and I give them eternal life, so that they will never be lost. No one can snatch them out of my hand.”  John 10:27-28  CEV