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“Are you ready for Christmas?” is the question of the week.  I’ve heard it a bazillion times from friends and patients at work and wherever I go – to the gas station, grocery store, church, on Facebook, etc.  Okay, maybe not a bazillion times, but a lot.

Since we’re planning on a simple Christmas, which has always proven to be the most meaningful to us anyway, I’m not sure how to answer people since they’re probably talking about shopping for presents, entertaining, etc.  This afternoon as I was thinking about it some more I realized I’m more than ready.

Am I ready to celebrate the fact that God loves people, including me, and spared nothing to draw us close to Himself?  Yes.  Am I ready to remember and wonder at the mystery of a bigger-than-the-universe God shrunken down into a human girl’s womb?  To be amazed Jesus would willingly be contained in a body like ours knowing those 33 years of life on this planet would end in betrayal and death?  Always.  He came and joined our temporal, earthy experience anyway.  He loved and gave then, loves and gives now.  Am I ready to have my heart centered again, its gaze locked on the beautiful baby King?  To be nestled in peace?  More than ready.  Am I ready to spend time with friends and family, people I love?  Of course!  How about being ready to welcome Jesus to my heart once more, making sure I’ve cleared away and swept clean every space inside so that He can have all the room he wants within me?

Oh yeah.

I’m ready for Christmas!

The people who walked in darkness 
      have seen a great light. 
   They lived in a land of shadows, 
      but now light is shining on them.
 You have given them great joy, Lord; 
      you have made them happy. 
   They rejoice in what you have done…

 A child is born to us! 
      A son is given to us! 
      And he will be our ruler. 
   He will be called, 
         Wonderful Counselor,
         Mighty God, 
         Eternal Father,
         Prince of Peace.  (Isaiah 9:1-9 Good News Translation)