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I was nice and warm and comfy when the alarm went off.  It took a few hits of the snooze and kicking myself in the rear to actually get out of those toasty covers and get dressed.  Goin’ to church today, like every Sunday, all my life.

Why do I go?  It’s more than just a good thing to do, or a habit.  There is something encouraging about spending time with the other people in my church community.

There is something really uplifting, healing and even fun about singing songs with other people about God and to God.  Music is one of my biggest loves so I especially like this part of church and always have.  Today we had a horn ensemble playing as special guests and during one particular song I could just picture Jesus in heaven being honored by a royal fanfare of thousands of angels playing trumpets.  I remembered He is King of kings and Lord of lords and is deserving of the best music we can make, the best praise we can muster.

There is something affirming and reassuring to hear someone give a story of how God has helped them or worked in their life.  Today two men offered stories.  One told how praising God constantly through fear and possible cancer diagnosis kept him steady and hopeful.  The other shared how in the midst of turmoil and breaking relationships God told him in many different ways not to give up, that nothing is impossible with God.

“The mountains ahead of us are minimized when we magnify and praise God.”  That phrase will probably stick in my mind all week.  What a great truth.  Why is that?  Because praise is a statement of faith:  “I still trust you, God.  I still believe you are good.  I praise you no matter what because you’re God and I’m not.  You’re in control.”

There is something so vital and sustaining about listening to a message in which God reminds me of truth, as He does pretty much every week.  Bible verses are shared and illustrated.  A challenge is given today – be salt and light this week in your world.  Add flavor, cast away darkness, show your faith by living a good life.

There is something sweet and tender about the opportunity to hug several friends whose shoulders seemed almost bowed by heavy burdens they’re carrying right now.  In church we help each other feel less alone.  We talk and laugh and hug and cry and pray with each other.  I know that’s one big reason God made us to be a family and not to walk this faith journey by ourselves.

We need church.  We need community.  We need those times of singing and praising God as a group.  We need to hear stories of answered prayers and miracles.  We need to pray with someone or need someone to pray with us.  There are so many reasons why I go to church.  No church is perfect because no person is perfect, but it still has great value.

There’s something truly good about Sunday Morning and going to church.

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another…  Hebrews 10:25 NLT

It made me glad to hear them say,
“Let’s go to the house of the LORD!”  Psalm 122:1  CEV