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I’ve begun watching American Idol again after taking a couple of years’ break and am enjoying it.  It seems a little kinder than before and there are still plenty of good singers in America, yet undiscovered.  Last night John and I watched an episode in which the last contestant to audition, Ramiro Garcia, had a remarkable story:  he was born without ears.

His parents were told he would never speak or sing.  While baby pictures of him were shown, he explained how he underwent many surgeries to reconstruct ears for him, even creating ear canals.  The doctors found ear drums inside, so he had the mechanisms to hear!  We were curious to hear what he sounded like and were amazed to hear this beautiful, strong voice as he belted out “my chains are gone, I’ve been set free!  My God, my Savior, has ransomed me.  And like a flood, his mercy rains, unending love, amazing grace.”

The judges were spellbound and still, a reverent quietness had fallen on the room when he began to sing.  Steven Tyler said he liked his voice, but liked his “inside”, too.  He was a miracle standing before them and it was clear he was giving God the credit for being able to hear, speak and even sing.

This all made me think of people who are spiritually without ears.  They’ve either not heard of Jesus or God’s love, or they’ve turned away from it, or just haven’t been able to listen and hear God calling their name.  They have the mechanisms to “hear” but maybe need help, someone creating an ear canal so the sound can get in.

The doctors said he would never speak or sing.  But he can.  They said he wouldn’t hear, but he does.  There may be someone you think will never have their heart softened to God’s love or never be willing to come to Jesus for help, but God is the God of the impossible.

Some may say God can’t heal this person or help this one overcome addiction, they may say this person will never change or that one will continue failing and making mistakes. Some may say you don’t have any hope or that you can’t make it, but listen for God’s voice, true and strong.  There is no barrier that God can’t break down.  Help you hear?  Help you speak?  Even help you sing?

Oh, yes He can.

Did Ramiro get a ticket to Hollywood?  Watch this!