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My sister reminded me about Thankful Thursdays, something we used to do, and I think it needs to be resurrected!  The more I learn about and practice  thankfulness, the more valuable it reveals itself to be.

Thankfulness has the power to crowd out complaints, fear, distrust, worry, and more from the human heart.  When I thank God for something, I acknowledge that He’s the one who gives every thing to me.  When I thank Him for a tough lesson or hard time it walks me closer to acceptance and then peace in the midst of enduring and perservering.

So, what am I thankful for today? It would take too many pages to list it all.  Today I thank God for my coworkers. 

God has placed me in an office with many fun, smart, hard-working people (mostly women) and we make a good team.

Now that I’ve been there a year, I’m getting to know them better and realize some of my best friends are these that I spend 8 hours a day with.  What a blessing!  I know from experience that working with women can be not so fun, catty, and/or full of drama but it’s not that way among my little team at work.  That is definitely something to be thankful for!

So, thank you, God for the people you’ve introduced me to at the ENT office. Love them through me.  Hear their prayers and help them in the troubles and challenges many of them face.  Thank you!