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It was a shock to her and to the judges. Jessica Sanchez, the powerhouse singer in the petite 16-year-old body was in the bottom three this week on American Idol.  She is a favorite of the judges and clearly has a music career ahead of her.  Even more shocking was the announcement that she was the one leaving the show this week.  A collective gasp was heard across the audience as Ryan Seacrest said those words.

Fortunately for Jessica, the judges are allowed once in the season to “save” someone who’s about to leave and give them another chance. They of course used their one save on her.

It didn’t make sense to the judges that she would receive the least number of votes, but that’s the odd, unreliable phenomenon of public opinion.

Hopefully Jessica knows that the number of votes she receives from people watching her week after week does not dictate her amount of talent or worth.  There are so many reasons why people become fans of one artist or another.  She clearly can sing and perform beautifully.  And there is much more to her than how well she can perform or what she can do.

There’s more to you and me, too. Whose votes are you vying for? Whose opinion will you allow to determine your worth?

My truest aim is to base my worth in God’s love and that alone, but we all tend to be concerned with what those around us think of us.

Let God’s vote be the determining factor in your value. He sees all of you, knows you intimately and more than anyone.

He knows your full potential and loves you so much He would sacrifice his Son’s life to have you near.

He has unlimited “saves” and already chose to use one on you, giving you another chance. Will you accept it?  Will you look into His eyes on the days you feel lower than dirt and know deep in your heart that you are worthwhile, valued, and loved?  I hope so.

Don’t worry about how many votes you get from the world.