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Whiner baby. I confess I was complaining to my hubby about something that is what it is. I should just accept it and make the best of it. Time to put on those oh so famous, uncomfortable big girl pants and just move on.

You know, that is easier said than done sometimes. It can actually be excruciating to be positive about something you really dislike and decide not to complain about it anymore.

What do I get from complaining, though? Just guilt and the grumps. Complaining is discontentedness and discontentedness is basically telling God what He’s given me is not good or is not enough. I really don’t want to do that, because He has given me WAY more than I deserve. Many others have greater needs than I do, that is certain.

One thing that has really helped me try to be positive this week instead of complain is remembering my friend, Laura.

I had the privilege of working with her a few years ago for several months and it was great. She is one of those people who brightens up the place. I know that’s kind of cliché but it’s true! Her ready, wide smile, happy energy, and “let’s do it” attitude was so welcome and made working fun. There were several tasks given to her that the rest of us would have grumbled about, but she made light of them, dove in at her typical 110%, did her best, and finished still smiling. I miss her. We connected and I grew to love her, thankful for a new friend.

This week with the good and bad wrestling inside I thought of her and I asked myself, “What would Laura do?” She would be positive and make the best of it. And I know personally that the reason for that outlook was not only because God gave her a cheerful, grateful spirit, but because of her love for Jesus.

Isn’t it amazing that a few short months with someone can leave such a lasting impact? My memory of her heart and attitude still influences me and I’m glad.

What impact do each of us have on people that lingers for years to come? There are so many people who have left their indelible mark on me of good, of godly hearts, of passion, of loving attitudes, of amazing work ethics, of generosity, of honesty…I could go on and on.

I think one reason God created us to live our lives in relationship with other people is because we are molded and shaped by interactions all along our path. Some of those interactions may bruise or hurt, but many will add character and build us up.

We impact others, for good or bad, whether we realize it or not. How’s that for a sobering thought. As long as we’re still living and breathing there’s time to try to be someone who leaves good “impressions” on others: loving touches, encouraging strokes, affirming high fives, and Christ-like imprints…interactions that leave people in a better place than before we met. Then, down the road when they ask themselves what we would do, the answer will help, it will be something Jesus would do, it will be good.

I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you. – Jesus, John 13:15

So walk in the way of good people
        and stay on the paths of righteous people. – Proverbs 2:20 GW