img_7009Life is a journey and my course is set on the narrow path, following Jesus. I am flawed, don’t have all the answers (or even most of them) but live in God’s grace. Part of my mission in life is to help others feel less alone. If what I’m learning or thinking about encourages someone then my blog will have done its job.

Mom of three lovely grown daughters with a wonderful son-in-law, GrandMimi to the sweetest little grandson, I live in the mid-west with my husband and best friend (a pastor), wonder cats Rocky & Esmae, and Husky doggy, Shade.  I work at the front desk of a local medical practice with some pretty great, funny ladies.  I’m part of a learning, loving church family.  I am blessed.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Karen Hosier said:

    Hi, Mimi. I wish there had been a way to contact you non-publicly, but I’ve been thinking about you since my niece was diagnosed with cancer. I wondered how you were doing, and glad to know that all is well!

    You look exactly the same as I remember you!

  2. Kris Brown said:

    Hi Mimi,

    I sooo enjoy your writings.I babysat you and rocked you as a baby. Your Mom and Dad were my Youth Ministers at South Bay in Torrance. I also went to Warner and became a Youth Minister before I married. I wish you the best. Tell your parents hello and give them my love.

    Kris Brown

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Just found your blog while I was looking for a photo of a woman praying to post with my Easter Sunday poem. May I have your permission to use the photo you have posted here? Also, if you are looking for an online community of writing women, many of which are of faith, please drop by Pink Ink Workshop. We’d love to have you join us.
    Blessings on your writing,

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